Autonomous Driving

Autonomous Driving Reality Check

USA Today did an excellent summary of the autonomous driving sector at last week’s CES in this article. One of the observations by author Mike Snider that .. “It’s clear now that engineers are able to make cars drive themselves. The bigger issue is how to scale this technology in a way that finds it both culturally embraced and scientifically sound — and is cost effective.” resonates with our view on this sector here at Ingenuity, although we would add an obvious additional criteria- safety. This article from the Economic Times provides a good summary of recent incidents (i.e. crashes) involving autonomous cars. Toyota Research Institute Gill Pratt was perhaps a lone voice of reason at the CES- details here. In summary, Pratt’s key point was that “Historically human beings have shown zero tolerance for injury or death caused by flaws in a machine. As wonderful as AI is, AI systems are inevitably flawed… We’re not even close to Level 5. It’ll take many years and many more miles, in simulated and real world testing, to achieve the perfection required for level 5 autonomy.”