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NVIDIA’s Autonomous Driving Prowess @ CES 2017

NVIDIA put on a typically impressive performance at CES last week. In particular focus was their progress as a key supplier of platforms for autonomous vehicles, namely the AI-based DRIVE PX 2.

Scott Keogh, president of Audi of America, speaks with NVIDIA CEO at CES 2017
Scott Keogh, president of Audi of America, speaks with NVIDIA CEO Jen-Hsun Huang at CES 2017

In terms of partnerships with key auto-makers, NVIDIA is aligning with Audi (goal is to develop AI systems to enable fully automated driving by 2020) & Mercedes Benz (apparently they’ve been working together for the past three years). Furthermore, the Tesla Model S will be the first production vehicle with DRIVE PX 2, powering an enhanced AutoPilot system that will be capable of full autonomy via future software updates. Keep in mind that Tesla parted company with MobilEye late last year, allegedly after differences of opinion about what caused the fatal crash of a Tesla vehicle while operating in autonomous mode on a US highway. Further details of the NVIDIA/Tesla partnership can be found here.

NVIDIA also revealed some key automaker suppliers beginning to support their platform, including Bosch (apparently one of the the world’s largest automotive suppliers) who announced that they will be using NVIDIA AI technology to bring self-driving systems to production vehicles all around the world. Furthermore, safety systems supplier ZF said they’re taking the DRIVE PX 2 platform into production and launched a product called ZF ProAI. Based on NVIDIA’s AutoCruise DRIVE PX 2 configuration, the ZF system will bring self-driving capabilities to trucks as well as cars.

Of course, high-definition maps are vital for autonomous driving- and NVIDIA confirmed partnerships with Zenrin, Japan’s biggest mapmaker, HERE, TomTom and Baidu. NVIDIA further highlighted a plethora of other smaller autonomous driving startups using their DRIVE PX2 platforms.

With the unprecedented levels of hype and competitive landscape surrounding autonomous driving likely to continue over the coming years, NVIDIA is well positioned with a compelling platform and ecosystem to benefit significantly.