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Google Deal Good News For AMD

AMD GPUAt SC16 last week, AMD announced that their Radeon Technology will be available on Google Cloud Platform in 2017. Coming just a month after a similar announcement with Alibaba, things are looking up for AMD. This Forbes article gives some further background on the significance of the deal. To keep things in perspective however, remember that Alibaba announced a major partnership deal with NVIDIA back in January, details here. Google is also planning to offer NVIDIA GPU’s in its Cloud Platform starting next year. Interestingly, there is a subtle difference between how Google is positioning AMD and NVIDIA GPU offerings. According to Google, AMD’s FirePro GPU  “supports powerful, GPU-based remote workstations”, while the NVIDIA® Tesla® P100 and K80 GPUs are for “deep learning, AI and HPC applications that require powerful computation and analysis.”

Regardless of positioning, these deals are clearly significant for AMD- and a competitive offering as a second-source to NVIDIA is about as much as they could have wished for in market where NDIVIA is the undisputed leader- at least when it comes to the AI market for GPU’s.

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